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Sea to

February 15, 2017

Living Oceans has launched a new website to help local fishermen to sell directly to local businesses and consumers in Vancouver. We've been working for years to try to keep more of B.C.'s sustainably caught seafood in the local market - right now, over 80 per cent of our local catch is exported while a matching amount of the seafood in most grocery stores is imported.

Our website helps fishermen connect with purchasers--restaurants, fishmongers and retailers who want to access fresh, sustainable and traceable seafood. By minimizing the length of the supply chain, both parties get a better deal.

Individual consumers can see what direct sales are available at Fishermen's Wharf or visit the businesses listed on the site to buy local seafood.

Visit and take a look at the local businesses that are members. With a growing number of fishermen and businesses signing up each week, the summer promises to offer delicious seafood at great prices!