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2022 Ocean Exposures Photo Contest Winners

October 17, 2022

The results are in! Congratulations to the winners of this year's Ocean Exposures Photo Contest! We had so many amazing entries this year and truly thank each of you that submitted your awe-inspiring ocean photos.

Below the Surface

First Place, Below the Surface. "Getting lost in the eyes of a Giant Pacific Octopus". Photographer: Mollie Naccarato

Second Place, Below the Surface. "Rose anemone close up: Close-up of rose anemone mouth parts, captured snorkelling in East Sooke". Photographer: Sara Ellison

Third Place, Below the Surface. "Kelping around". Photographer: Brian Hockenstein


Coastal Wildlife


First Place, Coastal Wildlife. "Pacific White-sided Dolphins". Photographer: Anthony Bucci

Second Place, Coastal Wildlife. "Momma Grizzly with her daughter foraging along the intertidal zone off Vancouver Island, BC". Photographer: Heather Baskey

Third Place, Coastal Wildlife. "The Old Heron and the Sea". It was a particularly peaceful morning at Esquimalt Lagoon, and I was looking for a marbled godwit. While I was looking for the godwit, I couldn't help but notice how this heron failed multiple attempts at fishing and decided to photograph him instead. Photographer: Zach Qiu


Work or Play on the Ocean


First Place, Work or Play on the Ocean. "Yes you can! Yes you can!". Photographer: Charles Lam

Second Place, Work or Play on the Ocean. "Davis Bay Pier". Photographer: Caroline Talbot

Third Place, Work or Play on the Ocean. "Golden Visit." While coming in from boating at sunset we came across a father and son on a paddleboard visiting with a kayaker. Photographer: Diane Hill


Sea Hugger's Choice


Sea Hugger's Choice"Low Tide & West Coast Fog. Cape Scott Prov. Park, V.I.". Photographer: Jan Heerwagen