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Living Oceans and Sea Smart Collaboration

March 8, 2017

Living Oceans Society is excited to announce that we are working together with an innovative education program focused on educating youth about our oceans. Developed by Dr Elaine Leung, a marine biologist with 15 years of experience in conservation and education, Sea Smart's mission is to get youth excited about our oceans and empower them to be environmental champions. Through in-class workshops, after school programs, and summer camps, Sea Smart teaches youth from kindergarten to Grade 12 about ocean issues and how we can help. Together, LOS and Sea Smart are riding the wave to spread our passion for ocean conservation and education...the ripple effect from inspiring hope in youth that they can make a positive difference with environmental problems is absolutely amazing!

Find out more and sign up for a program at the Sea Smart website.

Dr. Elaine Leung’s research on threatened marine species and ecosystems has allowed her to witness first-hand the multitude of threats impacting our oceans. Through her 15 years of experience as a marine biologist around the world, she has worked tirelessly to save species on the brink of extinction. Dr. Leung’s passion for conservation has led her to start up Sea Smart, because she recognizes the important role and impact each of us have to play in protecting our oceans. Innovative ocean education for youth is so desperately needed but not provided by our school system. Sea Smart fills this critical gap by making learning about our oceans fun and exciting for youth, while empowering youth with awareness about their ability to make a positive difference...all while fulfilling the needs of the new BC Ministry of Education’s curriculum! Sea Smart’s innovative curriculum that teaches youth about ocean issues with a solutions-based approach is much needed in this day and age when environmental problems are overwhelming and it is so easy to lose hope. Our planet needs more empowering environmental education programs like Sea Smart!