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Regional Planning

For several years, 18 partner First Nations and the B.C. Provincial government have been co-leading the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) to create holistic, integrated management plans for the North Pacific coast, including the waters around northern Vancouver Island. In 2015, the plans were unveiled for the four sub-regions: Haida Gwaii, North Coast, Central Coast and North Vancouver Island. The MaPP plans will inform decisions on where to place development opportunities and provide a framework for local job creation that will bring economic prosperity to the coast while protecting the environment. The plans are science-based and guided by traditional and local knowledge.

Throughout the process, CPAWS, David Suzuki Foundation, Living Oceans and WWF Canada have participated with other stakeholders to give input on regional and sub-regional advisory committees. Each of the four sub-regional tables have worked closely with local governments, regional districts, communities and local businesses to develop a detailed plan for how the waters in their sub-region will be managed and to recommend areas for greater protection. The overarching regional framework document is expected soon and will link sub-regional plans to federal planning for a network of marine protected areas.