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Mapping marine biodiversity and human activity in Canada's Pacific waters

Karin Bodker, Marine Analyst with Living Oceans, co-chairs the B.C. Marine Conservation Analysis (BCMCA), a collaborative project to identify areas of high conservation value and human use on B.C.’s coast. The overall purpose of the BCMCA is to collaboratively identify marine areas of high conservation value and areas important to human use in Canada's Pacific Ocean.

BCMCA has published an online version of the Marine Atlas of Pacific Canada. Living Oceans staff compiled the ecological data and co-chairs this collaborative  project. The online Marine Atlas is free and will be an invaluable tool for marine planning over the coming years, helping to shape the future of our coast. Everyone who cares about the ocean can refer to the atlas for information on how and where humans are using the coast and what areas are critical for the fish, birds, whales, plants and more.