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Dive into our new SeaChoice website

February 19, 2018

Our sustainable seafood program, SeaChoice, launches into the New Year with a new direction and website.

Navigating seafood sustainability issues can be complex. The new website serves as a one-stop-shop for information and resources on aquaculture and fisheries, seafood markets, eco-labels, as well as labelling and traceability. It features species of priority to the Canadian market that urgently require sustainability improvements and the solutions needed to effect those improvements.

The website also unveils SeaChoice’s new direction, which is to drive improvements through the entire seafood supply chain. Living Oceans and our SeaChoice colleagues are working hard to ensure eco-labels are credible and robust, that retailers continue to progress with their seafood sustainability commitments, that seafood is traceable and sufficiently labelled and that seafood sold in or exported from Canada is produced from aquaculture or fisheries with minimal environmental impacts.  

Visit the new website at