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DFO's Aquaculture Transition Plan Consultation

September 29, 2022

Public consultation on Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Salmon Aquaculture Transition Plan is now closed. 


We thank everyone that took the time to complete the survey.



Fisheries and Oceans Canada is up to the same old tricks and we need your help to call them on it


Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) was asked by the Minister to consult the public on the content of a Salmon Aquaculture Transition Plan. So, they put together a multiple-choice questionnaire that is so leading that most people would probably end up playing into their hands. The DFO survey is premised on the concept that salmon farms will stay in our public waters and the transition options they want you to evaluate are all lumped together, so that it is impossible to express one’s true opinion.

We invite you to help by answering the questionnaire, in order that once it’s tabulated, it does not disproportionately represent the opinions of the salmon farming industry and its supporters.

We have created a guide to the DFO Transition Consultation Questions to assist in completing the questionnaire. This sheet reproduces the DFO questionnaire, with suggested answers and rationale. By all means, feel free to disagree with us; but remember that this survey has been deliberately designed to show that most people would be happy with 'better-regulated' netpens, or netpens with a bit of added 'technology'. We believe it's far too late for experiments and our wild salmon need their habitat back!

You can view the guide provided by Living Oceans here.