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collection of plastic debris laid out on a tarp
April 30, 2024

Stephen Fry unpacks the worrying discovery that plastic is in our blood

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<p>The results of a groundbreaking study commissioned by nonprofit organization Common Seas showed 8 in 10 of us have microplastics in our blood. <a href="https://only.one/watch/stephen-fry-unpacks-the-startling-discovery-that-... out the short video</a>.</p>

‘Every bit of data is precious’: my life on a boat tracking how the ocean breathes

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"We live on a water planet, and any honest assessment of our own identity has to reflect that. Ignoring the sea isn’t an option, and so increasing our understanding of it is an essential step on the path to a better future." Read full article

Environmental stress likely cause of fish die-off on Vancouver Island

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"Fisheries and Oceans Canada has found that "stressful environmental conditions" likely killed hundreds of salmon and trout in the Cowichan River in mid-July."  Read the rest of the article Environmental stress likely cause of fish die-off on Vancouver Island | CBC News.

Living Oceans joins World’s Leading Aquatic Scientific Societies Urgently Calling for Cuts to Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Friday, September 11, 2020

Vancouver:  In an unprecedented statement released today, Living Oceans joins the American Fisheries Society (AFS) and 110 aquatic scientific societies representing more than 80,000 scientists across the world to sound a climate change alarm.  The societies call for drastically curtailed global greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst impacts of man-made climate change to fish and aquatic ecosystems.

Trans Mountain Can't Put Shovels in the Ground this Summer

Thursday, July 11, 2019

VANCOUVER:Living Oceans has stated in a submission to the National Energy Board (NEB) that Trans Mountain cannot commence construction until it fulfills a condition set by the NEB to show commercial support.

“The NEB’s conditions require Trans Mountain to prove commercial support exists for the project,” said Karen Wristen, Executive Director for Living Oceans. “But that was done under the old certificate that was set aside by the Courts and is no longer valid.  This condition must be met again under the new certificate issued by NEB.”