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Living Oceans react to Trans Mountain Re-approval

June 18, 2019

Living Oceans is appalled by the re-approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline project, coming as it does hard on the heels of a declaration by the federal government of a climate emergency.

“The facts are well known: it is impossible for Canada to meet its Paris climate commitments and build oil infrastructure with a 50-year lifespan as well,” said Executive Director Karen Wristen. “This is a mistake for the economy and the environment.”

Living Oceans challenged the original approval of the pipeline in the Federal Court of Appeal, working with co-intervenors Raincoast Conservation Foundation and represented by counsel from Ecojustice. That challenge was successful, and Wristen says it’s not clear that the government has met the obligations set out by the Court in its ruling.

The approval speech by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said essentially that we can have our cake and eat it, too.  Paris targets for emissions reduction can't be met without revenue from the tarsands, he says.  And every penny of profit will be devoted to green energy development--if there is any profit, after the escalating cost of construction is paid for by taxpayers.

Living Oceans is seeking counsel to determine whether or not further Court action is indicated.


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