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What We're Doing

Since 2006, Living Oceans Society and our SeaChoice partners have helped shoppers and businesses make informed choices that support ocean-friendly seafood. We’ve been part of the push that’s bumped sustainable seafood from niche market status to holding a widely popular share of the seafood marketplace. To help fill the rising demand for ocean-friendly seafood, Living Oceans Society connects shoppers with industry leaders who are pioneering sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices.

All of our work on seafood sustainability is based on science. In partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s acclaimed Seafood Watch program, Living Oceans Society, as a SeaChoice member, assesses the sustainability of seafood items commonly available in Canada. We cover both wild and farmed seafood, from Canada and around the world, and make this information publicly available to help shoppers and businesses make more ocean-friendly choices.

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We’re improving our fisheries by pushing the Canadian government to protect habitat and biodiversity through marine planning in coastal British Columbia. And we’re making sure important issues like bycatch, deep-sea fisheries impacts, and the need for reform in salmon aquaculture are getting the attention they deserve.