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Working with grocery retailers to grow the demand for more sustainably produced farmed salmon

Atlantic salmon filets

People around the world are increasingly aware of the crisis facing global fish stocks. Many wild fish species are in decline and there is growing demand for more ocean-friendly options in grocery stores. Living Oceans led a markets campaign for over a decade, encouraging shoppers and retailers to demand more sustainably produced farmed salmon. Thanks to your help, our efforts were rewarded with significant steps by leading grocery chains.

Through our role in SeaChoice, Living Oceans continues to work to improve procurement practices in the retail seafood sector. Now that major retailers are for the most part on board with sustainable seafood policies, we are broadening our reach to try to influence larger segments of the market by reporting publicly on performance. We're also working to ensure changes to Canada's labelling laws, so that consumers can make more informed choices. Adding the production method/gear type to seafood labels will enable consumers to say 'no' to salmon farmed in open netpens.