Healthy Oceans. Healthy Communities.

Partnering with business for healthier oceans

Halibut filets

Through the SeaChoice program we are working with businesses along the seafood supply chain to shift the industry towards sustainability. Companies like Albion fisheries, Bento Sushi, Big Carrot, Federated Coop Limited, Seacore and Whole Foods Market have committed to sustainable seafood. Together, we’re rewarding environmentally responsible producers and making it easier for Canadians to support healthy oceans when they shop.

Business sector support for sustainable seafood puts extra pressure on government to make sure our fisheries and oceans resources are well managed. Marketplace rewards for sustainable practices give all companies that buy and sell seafood an added incentive to do the right thing. It takes time to improve practices, but unsustainable items are being dropped from grocery shelves and responsibly-minded producers are getting more of the market share. Ultimately, the health of our oceans and our communities benefit from businesses actively addressing seafood sustainability.