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Public Input on Marine Plans – Come out and improve these plans

March 19, 2014

Many, including myself have said “without a plan you are planning to fail” so the Conservation Sector has worked hard to plan with the Province, First Nations and sector representatives to come up with four draft marine plans for the ‘Great Bear Sea’ including Haida Gwaii, North Coast, Central Coast and the Northern Vancouver Island area. 

Gord Curry, Local Marine Planner

Drawing from best available science and the knowledge of technical experts, locals and First Nations, the draft marine plans recommend zoning and protection for different marine areas and propose strategies to address a wide range of issues. We all need to use marine resources sustainably and protect the ocean environment so it can continue to provide its many ecosystem benefits such as oxygen generation, carbon fixing, weather stability, healthy food webs, recreation and many other resources that are vital for the well-being and livelihoods for many people on the coast.  

Many sectors have worked on this plan and now it needs public input. Open houses are being set up for you to review the plans, ask questions and provide your input. In North Vancouver Island, open houses are planned for:

  • Port McNeill
  • Port Hardy
  • Campbell River 

Keep an eye on the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) website for information on dates, venues and other open houses being organized in the next few weeks.