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Get Ready to Support Blue Friday

September 21, 2023

Living Oceans was honoured to be chosen by the non-profit Blue Friday as its grant recipient for the 2022/2023 plastic marine debris removal season. Blue Friday is a brand-driven philanthropic endeavour that seeks to turn the concept of “Black Friday” on its head: “Our mission is to change the conversation around Black Friday and give people the ability to both shop and also make a positive impact. Our brand partners dedicate a per cent of sales to ocean conservation and we put that money to work on measurable, impact driven projects. By supporting our partners on Black Friday, you're supporting ocean conservation.” 

Blue Friday’s goal for our grant was to remove 10,000 lb of harmful plastics from the remote and inaccessible shores of the Scott Islands and northern Vancouver Island. We are pleased to be able to report that we more than doubled that goal, bringing in 10.5 metric tonnes, or 23,184.54 lb., of plastic debris. 

Blue Friday was started by a group of young entrepreneurs including former Living Oceans volunteer Jeff Duke, who not only donated corporate profit to our past cleanups but also brought his staff to help us do the work. Now, he’s attracted a cohort of like-minded businesses that understand that their customers appreciate values-driven vendors. 

Check out the Blue Friday partners at www.blue-friday.ca.  Shopping with them on Blue Friday (November 24, 2023) will help us do even more next year—because Blue Friday has chosen us as their funding project for a second year! Sadly, we can pretty much guarantee that we’ll meet our exceed the goal for another year: there is just so much plastic and foam out there. 

Running your own business and like what you see? Contact Blue Friday and see what level of engagement works for you. 

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