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Beyond Open-net Pen Aquaculture: Briefings

June 30, 2021

open netpen

The amount of science, political processes, and corporate spin out there about salmon farming can be overwhelming. That’s why SeaChoice has made understanding the issues and current state of play on salmon farming in Canada simple with our new ‘Beyond Open-net Pen Aquaculture’ briefings.

These briefings are designed so that anybody interested can engage political representatives on this issue and help us take the next step towards more sustainable aquaculture systems and the protection of wild fish and marine ecosystems.

First , we outline a vision for the Aquaculture Act – legislation that if done right could help to manage the environmental threats posed by aquaculture for the first time in Canada’s history. Instead, the current draft looks to favour industry interests.

Second, learn how disease and sea lice continues to plague the industry from coast to coast, with wild salmon paying the price.

Finally, we make the case for transitioning all salmon farms out of the water and into land-based systems.

Find all the briefings on the SeaChoice website.