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Keeping in touch with people out on the ocean

Prawn fisherman

Keeping in touch with people out on the ocean through as a way for you to let us know if you see or hear any problems around salmon farms, or if you catch an escaped farmed salmon.

Information shared with us about actual events on the ocean related to B.C.’s salmon farming industry has resulted in the forced clean-up of abandoned net-cage structures and other salmon farm debris littering our coast and blocking safe anchorages.

In 2009 we were the first to find out from a commercial fisherman about Atlantic salmon he caught during a chum salmon fishery. We soon learned that the day before, 47,000 farmed Atlantic salmon escaped through rips in the nets at a nearby farm. When more fishermen brought in escaped fish they’d caught, dissections showed that some of the farmed salmon had already eaten wild herring during their one day of freedom.

Initiatives like this are all aimed at helping industry and government accept the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence showing that farming salmon in open net-cages harms the ocean and the creatures which depend on it, especially wild salmon. Our work is intended to gain support for a transition to closed containment technology as a long term solution.