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Geoff Gilliard

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Communications Manager
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#204-343 Railway St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6A 1A4

If I’d known that it was such fun working for Living Oceans I wouldn’t have been a rock'n'roll drummer for so long. But that’s the way it went until, after a while, I felt I was missing out on something besides sunrise. So I went to university where we were taught that you cannot not communicate. It sounded like a sure thing so I got a degree in Communications.

I started my communications career with Environment Canada, then worked as a consultant specializing in issues surrounding sustainability. I also worked for Project Seahorse at UBC where I first got my feet wet in ocean conservation.

Since 2006 I’ve been here at Living Oceans Society, working with words, photos and video to tell our stories, sharing the wonders of the ocean and spreading the message that people just like you can help to protect it.